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We’re very present,” Boreanaz adds. “If it’s chaotic….we got to tap in [to each other], we have to do this thing, we have to do this eye contact thing [and hand bump].




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On working with each other. “We learn from each other,” Deschanel says. “It’s hard to pinpoint one thing or another…I’ve learned so much from David. He had done two series before he did this show, and I had never done a show. How to pace yourself, how to protect yourself when people are pulling in different directions.”


My Demily feels are on fireEEE

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“I just love having these strong, female intelligent people working in science,” Deschanel says of her being drawn to her strong character.
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If he comes back to the show, I bet you’ll be the first to know. But for now:


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Text 25 Jul 29 notes "Boreanaz is shocked Hodgins has a brother and wants to know when it happened. Nathan says we will see the return of Hodgins’ brother."


Does David not watch the show?

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The fandom is with Emily in this one


The fandom is with Emily in this one

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“I think it’s important for us, we have a big forum here,” Nathan says. “There’s a certain responsibility to look at issues that affect everybody, or issues that should affect everyone…it’s an important part of keeping the show real.” He also reveals that Silver is the one who will write the human trafficking/immigration episode this season.


And THIS is why I love the show so gosh damn much. 

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“I think what’s important for me is to continuously evolve with Booth,” Boreanaz says when asked about Booth’s cocky belt. “When I started the show, there were always specific things I would gravitate towards.” It was a conscious decision to retire the belt buckle for now.


You will be missed cocky belt buckle! 

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They’ve been doing this for every question I’m dying. #SDCC#Bones

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